Pink Bear

by Betsy Knode Newton

illustrated by Lucy Mueller Young

About the Book

This beautifully illustrated young children’s book tells the story of a pink bear who overcomes his feeling of being different. By dint of hard work and growing an unusual garden, Pink Bear finds a path to friends and self-acceptance. This remarkable story is a delight to read aloud to young children and for new readers to explore on their own.

Betsy Knode Newton author

The story of Pink Bear originated with my grandmother, Maurine Johnson Nash (1880-1940), who lived in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. This book is my effort to capture her story in writing for the enjoyment of future generations. My close childhood friend Lucy Mueller Young illustrates Pink Bear.

I know little about my grandmother beyond that she was a lively woman who loved to sing, tell stories, and encourage others to find what is good in life. She first told the story of Pink Bear to my mother and her siblings as a way to entertain and inspire. She continued to encourage her children to enjoy life as they grew older and endured The Great Depression by sending them “Not for Carrots!” notes enclosed with precious extra money.

When I was a child, my mother told the story of Pink Bear to delight us. I told this story to my own children and to friends and relatives. My children now share this story with my grandchildren.

The story bonds generations in our family, and I hope it will touch yours, too.